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Hawaii Real Estate Investment - Starting Your Hawaii 1031 Exchange

Hawaii Real Estate Investment - Starting Your Hawaii 1031 Exchange

Friday, July 27, 2007


We suggest you first call us at Aloha 1031 Exchange to discuss the various aspects of your specific situation.  Be assured there never is a charge for such an inquiry.  You should also then speak with your CPA or tax advisor to determine your gain and the potential tax obligation you might have.  These two calls, well in advance of listing your property for sale, can greatly impact your savings. 


At 1031 Aloha Exchange we are committed to Hawaiian investment property and we are well-versed on the nature of the local economy while still able to accommodate the exchange of property throughout the United States.  As attorneys we are familiar with every aspect of this constantly changing and developing procedure and thus can be of financial benefit to you.  In addition, we have on our staff as a Principal, Jeffrey Helsdon who has earned the elite Certified Exchange Specialist™ certification from the American Federation of Exchangors.  For your protection we are bonded and insured.  You can always earn interest on the funds we hold during the exchange period and fees include free consultation and audit protection.